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Setting the Record Straight With Help


April 15, 2021

Red Gold's efforts to offset recent reports of a shortage of ketchup supplies for restaurateurs, food service industry providers and consumers, has been propelled by Indiana  Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch, who has now weighed in to help set the record straight.

“The good news for Hoosiers and others across the country is that Red Gold Tomatoes has been and will continue to meet the demand for ketchup,” Crouch said. "As a proud member of Indiana Grown and one of our leading agricultural partners, we can be proud of the work it continues to do to supply our state and our country with quality tomato products.”


The lieutenant governor’s comments come in response to the recent Wall Street Journal article which alluded to an impending shortage of ketchup supplies and limited product from the Heinz Corporation. The article stated that Heinz represents 70% of the retail ketchup industry which was disputed by a Fox News report detailing Heinz share at 57% of the ketchup volume sold in grocery stores.

Indiana based Red Gold has also been working diligently to clarify, with President and CEO, Brian Reichart pointing out some facts about the state of affairs in ketchup manufacturing.

 “Red Gold takes great pride in being an American owned, grown and made tomato and ketchup manufacturer," Reichart said. "Our team is efficient, innovative and committed to meeting the needs of our customers with a focus on price stability, quality and availability.”

“Anyone and everyone in the marketplace needs to know that there is not a “ketchup shortage” Red Gold has your back!

For information and ketchup solutions visit RedGoldFoodservice.com

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