Our Capabilities

We control from seed to harvest.  Red Gold has established its own seed breeding program, utilizing 4-5 proprietary varieties each year.  Seedlings are grown in 7 commercial greenhouses utilizing over 20 different varieties in total. Red Gold utilizes our own unique varieties as well as the best commercially available varieties that undergo rigorous testing with on-farm plots, private researchers, and university trials.  These varieties are developed for quality attributes that meet requirements for peeled and concentrated products. This ensures the best quality throughout the canning process. 

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We Control From Seed To Harvest

Red Gold is known for having close relationships with our growers, we utilize 40 family farms that we know by name.  Not only does this promote a positive working relationship but it ensures that they are aligned with our mission to provide only the best quality tomatoes.


At Red Gold, we are passionate about our quality. From the seed to the store, Red Gold implements extra steps and processing methods that result in superior quality and consistent flavor. Our customers know that Red Gold's products will meet, or exceed, their standards for quality and consistency.

  • Proprietary quality assurance protocol
  • Continuous improvement processes
  • State-of-the-art technology & facilities
  • Extraordinary product consistency

Research and Development

High quality is our passion, but R&D is our specialty. Our commitment to customers is to provide them with better than national brand equivalent products, in both flavor and packaging at a fair price. For "All Things Tomato”, Red Gold is your one stop solution for all your tomato product needs.

  • Precise matching of flavor, texture and color profiles
  • Innovative formulas tailored to customer and regional preferences
  • National brand emulation expertise
  • Culinary Development Team


All manufacturing facilities are certified SQF Level 3 cert, USDA Organic, OU Kosher, Allergen Free and NON GMO Project Verified.

Red Gold Company Logistics RG Transport


Logistical Efficiency

Red Gold LLC owns RG Transport which maintains a fleet of trucks for delivering products across the country.   Red Gold has a state-of-the-art 1+ million square feet distribution center in Alexandria, Indiana and has rail sites at all three production facilities.  We ship more than 100 semi-loads of tomato products every day throughout the United States. In addition to our Indiana Distribution Center, Red Gold has an integrated outside warehousing distribution grid strategically placed throughout the entire United States to ensure efficiency, low cost, high service levels and manageable inventory levels. 

RG Transport Logistics for Red Gold CompanyRG Transport, a sister company to Red Gold, is a private fleet of more than 170 trucks and 578 trailers.  Initially acquired to sustain Red Gold’s growing transportation needs, RG Transport has experienced additional growth by offering its logistics services to other food or distribution companies, and has a dedicated team of employees and professional drivers. Partnering with Red Gold will create efficiency through reduction of:SaveSave
  • orders to process
  • payments to make
  • inventory to manage
  • deductions
  • customer service contracts
  • sales appointments
  • receiving time on dock
  • EDI expense
  • trucks to process