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Use your Restaurant Label Ketchup as part of your Family Meal Offer!

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February 16, 2021


The COVID Crisis has operators scrambling for a competitive edge in the battle for take-out and delivery orders. For the many operators who are already promoting their own brand with their logos on ketchup squeeze bottles by Red Gold, you are just one step away from leap frogging your competitors.

Sure, discounts and coupons help maintain your sales. Another idea to add value to your large family meal deal orders are by including one of your restaurant-branded 20 oz. plastic squeeze bottles. Your costs for the ketchup can be absorbed by reducing or eliminating a discount that you would normally offer and help you to maintain or grow your average ticket for large orders.

It’s a big idea because unlike a one and done discount or coupon, the customer will keep that bottle of ketchup in their refrigerator at home. Every time they reach for the ketchup for weeks ahead, they’ll see your logo and crave their next order from your restaurant! Many of the comfort foods that you have likely added to your take-out menu are fried. That makes ketchup the best condiment addition to your orders.

According to Datassential surveys of operator take-out and delivery tactics since the COVID crisis, large family meal deals are second only to coupons as the way to drive sales. The next logical step is to add the perceived value to your family meal deal by offering one of your branded 20 oz. ketchup bottles for “free”.

Since social distancing has left most dine-in restaurants deserted, operators can leverage their unopened ketchup bottle inventory as a powerful brand ambassador in the homes of your customers. It’s an even bigger idea for office catering since multiple employees will reach for your brand in the office refrigerator.

Long after they’ve consumed their order from your restaurant, they will still reach for your brand’s bottle of ketchup, even if it’s a hastily made hot dog or burger on their grill. But, when they see your brand of ketchup in their hand, they’ll remember the cravability that awaits their next order from you.

Thinking of your ketchup bottle as a marketing tool is one reason why you made the switch from a big national brand to your own. As part of your marketing toolbox and used inside a delivery or take-out order, this tactic can cost much less than a paid ad on social media or boost on Yelp. Yet this tactic has lasting power as your brand ambassador within a customer’s home. It can be your next great marketing gem on the road to recovery from COVID.

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