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Tomato Jam. One of America’s Fastest Growing Flavors!

February 16, 2021

What do you get when you add a little onion, sugar, butter, water, salt, pepper, a few spices and some diced tomatoes [BR1] to a heated saucepan? The start to one of America’s fastest growing flavors – tomato jam! You can substitute Ketchup for diced tomatoes as a unique twist.

According to Datassential, tomato jam has grown on American menus by 39% since 2015 and 7% in just the last year. Considered both a condiment and a signature sauce, tomato jam is still in its infancy but is a significant trend and it is being embraced by major chain restaurants.

Among all signature sauces, tomato jam ranks within the top third of flavor combinations such as sriracha aioli, jalapeno ranch and salsa verde.

As a burger or chicken sandwich topping to a dipping sauce for fried vegetables and cheese curds, tomato jam appears to be ready for double and triple-duty on the menu. It’s likewise a popular upscale topping for bread appetizers for chains as diverse as Yard House and Fleming’s Steakhouse and Brio Tuscan Grille.

By preparing a good-sized batch of your own tomato jam weekly, this easy to prepare item can add flare to almost any menu. A little experimentation with a few other commonly used ingredients such as jalapeno, cumin, lime or lemon juice or ginger can add dimension and uniqueness to your tomato jam.

Next time you are in search of a condiment or dipping sauce that is trending and a sure hit with your customers, put tomato jam on the list.

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