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Sacramento® Tomato Juice Is Here to Boost Your Beverage Delivery!

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February 16, 2021



Crafting your own beverage delivery campaign can revive sluggish dine-in sales during the pandemic. According to Datassential, 24% consumers have ordered alcoholic beverages with their food delivery, but 79% of consumers say that they are interested in some form of alcohol take out or delivery. In fact, 50% say they are interested in cocktail deliveries on their own, even without food. Those most interested consumers tend to be male, Gen Z or Millennials with high incomes and self-described “foodies”. That demographic mix is a perfect match for you to dial in your profit margins and with premium Sacramento® tomato juice. Here are five insights on how Sacramento can help grow your beverage delivery business.

  1. Bloody Mary’s Are Trending – Up 8% since 2016, 37% of all casual dining restaurants offer a Bloody Mary on their menu. Even more impressive is the 14% growth in Bloody Maria’s (tequila instead of vodka) and the 10% growth in Michaladas (red Mexican beer). All three are best served with Sacramento Tomato Juice or Bloody Mary Mix.02-008-1216_RG_RUSH-SyscoSocialMediaPackages_ArticleFramesHiLoDiner
  2. Single Serve vs. Multi-Serve – Consumers during COVID are boozing it up both ways with their take-out or delivery orders says Datassential. 53% say they prefer multi-serve quantities and that means a higher ticket. Thus, pre-mixing a half-gallon container of your famous Bloody Mary or Bloody Maria is not out of the question and has other advantages.
    1. It’s a great way to build back your Brunch business for small groups or families and an entrée into your big brunch menu.
    2. It’s a great way to promote to consumers tailgating at home through fall sports.
    3. When using a reusable container – put your brand or QR code on it on it! It’s billboard in the customer’s home.
  3. Let Them Play with A Branded Beverage Kit – Some online retailers are charging upwards of $90 for Bloody Mary beverage kits. Consumers are ready to play bartender with their beverages after largely sheltering at home for most of the year. Sacramento 5.5 oz. Tomato Juice individual portioned cans are an ideal addition along with some premium vodka or tequila single serving bottles. Throw in a container or ramekin of your own secret ingredients and offer an upgrade with some bar condiments ranging from stuffed olives and pickle spear or even bar mix!02-008-1216_RG_RUSH-SyscoSocialMediaPackages_ArticleFramesBetterHalfMake it a Hungry Man’s Deluxe by adding bacon strips, chicken wings or cocktail shrimp.02-008-1216_RG_RUSH-SyscoSocialMediaPackages_ArticleFramesHellsKitchen

    Looking for more ideas? Scroll to the end of this article for more suggestions and tips on creating your Bloody Mary kit.


  4. Instantly Instagrammable – Finding time for your social media can be difficult – so let your menu speak for itself! If you don’t find time to post these delicious, sometimes outrageous, creations – your customers will do it for you! Check out #BestBloodyMary on social media and you’ll see.
  5. Voted Most Likely to Succeed – The results are in from Datassential on what consumers want to see on their beverage delivery menu. At the top of the list is unique beers that you may offer at 38%, followed by cocktails at 18% and mixed drinks at 17%. What cuisines are best built for beverage delivery? American/ mixed ethnicity cuisine is tops at 28%, then burgers/fried chicken at 21%, Italian/Pizza at 17% and Mexican at 14%.

Sacramento Premium Tomato Juice has been the secret ingredient for some of America’s greatest restaurants, from Manhattan to Miami, for a half-century. Start building your beverage delivery menu for home New Year’s celebration, Bloody Mary Bars for Home Tailgating or your 2021 Brunch Delivery menu now. Order your FREE sample of Sacramento now and we will deliver to you!


Build it for One or make it a Six Pack!

  • Include 1 can Sacramento 5.5oz Tomato Juice with 1 miniature 50mL bottle of vodka or preferred spirit
  • Include 2 portion control packets of Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce to give it a kick!
  • At Home Serving Suggestion: Add Worcestershire & Season to taste

Make it a Party Pitcher or build up a Bloody Mary Bar!

  • 1 (46oz) can or jug of Sacramento Tomato Juice
  • 1 (375ml) bottle of Vodka or preferred spirit
  • 1 (5oz) bottle of Worcestershire
  • 1 bottle of Old Bay (mild) or Franks RedHot Seasoning Blend (spicy)

Menu Pro Tip: Add your favorite appetizers to your order with a Bloody Mary Kit to create a Bloody Mary Bar at your next event at home.

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