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How Red Gold® Exceeded Supply Chain Expectations During COVID

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February 16, 2021


Red Gold takes pride in its homegrown approach to quality and Customer Service. The pandemic stressed the Foodservice Industry from multiple angles and threatened the survival of many Operators. One of the most important aspects often overlooked is Supply Chain. For Red Gold® Customers, shipments remained consistent as Red Gold’s Sales Team worked with Operators, Distributors, and Buying groups to shift resources and products to Operators who needed an extra level of support. While some major brands allocated some of their product to only their biggest Customers during COVID, Red Gold’s heritage of helping every Customer with current and new product solutions exemplified why Operators are shifting their orders to Red Gold, because the pandemic taught them who really cares about their survival and recovery.

When the pandemic emerged, Red Gold scheduled more around-the-clock production to its packaging lines for portion-control items.

“During these unprecedented times, US Foods is leaning on our vendor partners to provide the reliable service necessary to help our Customers make it,” says Patrick Dollard, Senior Director, Category Management for US Foods. “Even in times of variable demand, Red Gold has done a great job of meeting our product needs and proactively communicating throughout the supply chain process.” “Red Gold excels at their order fill rates and their on-time delivery. They are consistent in providing products of premium quality that you can count on, and they offer competitive pricing to the marketplace,” explains Bo Strong, Chief Executive Officer of Select Marketing Group, a nationwide buying group based in Atlanta. “It’s great to hear that our hard work is paying off for our Customers as the Foodservice Industry recovers,” says David Halt, Red Gold’s Vice-President of Foodservice. “Our company’s three pillars of success are superior quality, outstanding service to our Customers, and excellence in our operations are critical to our success.”  guarantee-1024x801

Red Gold lives by its guarantee to its Foodservice Customers.

At the heart of the success that has made Red Gold the largest family-owned tomato company in the world, is its commitment to service Customers. With a brand promise ‘to produce the freshest, best-tasting tomato products in the world’, that mission starts with the proprietary seed stock farm families grow and harvest each year to the finished product on the Customer’s plate.

When the pandemic emerged, Red Gold scheduled more around-the-clock production to its packaging lines for portion-control items and began to innovate with a new larger and wide-mouth ketchup Pull-Top Ramekin™ to support increased demand by Operators for delivery and take-out. The company ramped up production of fully prepared tomato sauces that reduces labor and enables multiple menu applications to conserve kitchen space, speed delivery, and take-out orders for restaurants.

From its three manufacturing locations in Indiana, Red Gold ships more than 70 semi-tractor loads of tomato products every day to Foodservice Distributors and to its own satellite warehouses. These warehouses are located throughout the country from Portland, OR to Boston, MA and Miami, FL along with six other warehouses in between for efficiency in resupplying product.

Red Gold also increased the sharing of market insights for Operators to help boost bar business sales via beverage delivery options, custom sauces for upselling to Customers, and kitchen efficiencies for saving money and reducing labor costs.

“Red Gold will always go above and beyond to take care of our Customers and Members,” says Scott MacKaben, Senior Vice-President of Procurement of Frosty Acres, a Buying Group. “Red Gold is a company that we not only count on as a category leader, but as an industry leader who provides insight to helps us grow.”

“The Foodservice Industry continues to be a people business,” says Bo Strong. “Red Gold has the latest technology to facilitate the supply chain with accurate information, timeliness, and quick response. Red Gold is different because of the quality of their employees. They know that people to people is still critical.”

Foodservice will emerge and we’re in this together.

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