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#1 Favorite flavor for Restaurant Customers

February 16, 2021

Every restaurant operator seeks the perfect flavor. Foodservice data giant, Datassentials, asked a panel of restaurant customers what their favorite flavor is; the answer might amaze you. It’s spaghetti sauce!

The Datassentials survey asked consumers to rank more than 365 flavors based on whether they love the flavor, like it, are neutral, dislike the flavor or hate it. Spaghetti sauce ranked highest, with 49% saying that they love the flavor and 35% like it.

“Who doesn’t love the flavor of a great spaghetti sauce?” says David Halt, Vice-President of Foodservice Sales and Marketing at Red Gold, America’s top privately-owned and operated tomato company. “Our Redpack Spaghetti Sauce has a slightly sweet and savory flavor with the right combination of spices. It is part of our line up for fully-prepared tomato sauces under the Redpack brand.”

The survey showed the universal appeal of spaghetti sauce across all major demographics and regions of the country. Among ethnic cuisines, consumers ranked Italian food second (58% say they “love it”) among their favorites. Marinara sauce is ranked within the top 25.

“The versatility and profitability of Italian cuisine makes it a favorite among restaurant operators,” says Halt. “When it comes to pleasing customers, the Datassentials survey confirms something we’ve known for a while, that tomato sauces are an essential ingredient to menu success.”

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