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Red Gold Tomatoes and Bush’s Best Beans are this Season’s Dynamic Duo

December 2, 2019

Whether it's giving to a local canned food drive, volunteering to help the less fortunate, or donating time to mentor our youth, remember to appreciate and give thanks. During this holiday season, another way to give back can be as simple as helping those who claim they do not know how to cook at home, or those who may be looking for creative ways to put several meals on the table at an affordable price. Red Gold Tomatoes and Bush’s Best Beans are this season’s dynamic duo, allowing you to create easy-to-prepare dishes, and making them your own by swapping in and out your favorite cans or developing a special twist.

The Perfect Chili starts with the freshest, best-tasting tomatoes. Then add the magic of Bush’s Best Chili Beans and top it off by adding your choice of protein. Red Gold and Bush’s Perfect Chili Meal Kit includes four cans and that’s all you need. Whether you add ground beef, turkey, or your favorite meatless substitute, all of the spices are included within these four cans; Bush’s Best Chili Beans, Red Gold Chili Ready Crushed Tomatoes, Red Gold Chili Ready Tomato Sauce and Red Gold Chili Ready Diced Tomatoes. It's that simple. This meal kit only takes 10 minutes to prepare, serves eight and is simply delicious. Find at your local grocery store - in stores this January.

Looking to add an adventurous trip to your winter season? We’ve got the perfect, travel-friendly recipe to keep you warm, the "7 Can Soup".  Once again, Red Gold Tomatoes and Bush's Best Beans is ready to help you innovate a meal solution in minutes. The recipe calls for one can of sweet corn, one can of Red Gold Diced Tomatoes and Green Chilies, one can of Red Gold Petite Diced Tomatoes, one can of Red Gold Chili Ready Diced Tomatoes, and three cans of your favorite Bush’s Best Beans. You can even add your choice of protein. Get creative! You will be amazed at the value of your meal that serves up to 10. Open all seven cans and without draining, add into a large stockpot. Stir gently until combined and heat over medium-high heat. Stirring occasionally, cook for 25 minutes until heated thoroughly. Like your soup on the creamy side? Simply dice an eight-ounce block of cream cheese and gradually, while stirring, add it into the mix.

The combinations are almost limitless and a great way for cans to get you cooking. Remember Red Gold and Bush's Best Beans this winter during canned food drives to help those in need. Healthy meal solutions for your family made simple.



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