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CNN Presents Red Gold in "Lessons in Leadership"


September 1, 2017

The Red Gold family was honored to host CNN Airport Network at its facilities in early April. The Reichart family was interviewed as part of an upcoming episode of Lessons in Leadership, set to air in mid-May. As Red Gold enters its 75th year, third-generation owners, Brian and Selita Reichart, shared what makes the company unique and allows it to succeed, how it has stayed true to its family-focused roots ,and how their sons, Beau and Colt, will lead as fourth-generation owners. The interview took place at the Red Gold corporate office and traveled to the Red Gold greenhouse, Elwood and Orestes tomato processing facility for additional filming.  

CNN Airport Network is in 49 airports nationwide, and has a monthly viewership of over 20 million. The segments produced for CNN Airport Network air for an entire week, and have the opportunity to re-air throughout the year. The segments will also be shared on Red Gold social media channels.  

The Lessons in Leadership series includes interviews with business leaders and company executives sharing insights on how to manage and run a successful company, tips on management style and how to eo >maintain engaged and satisfied employees.  To view the video, click here >

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